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Science is all around us and we can use science as a basis for everything such as math, ELA, Social Studies, and Arts. If we understand science, we can understand the world. Science is a tested and accountability subject make the teaching count. With that, and more, the author will expound in her new book. Here are some chapters from the book, A Strategic Approach To Science Literacy.


Chapter 01


Educational malpractice of treating every student the same way is killing creativity. As Elbert Einstein once said…


Chapter 02

The How A Better Approach towards Learning

Scientific Literacy is defined as the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts / processes required for personal decision making…


Chapter 03

Dimensional Science Approach-Phenomena

The NGSS requires a three-dimensional way to deal with K–12 science guidance. This speaks to noteworthy progress…


Chapter 04

Project-Based Learning

So, what actually is Project-based Learning or PBL? Project-based learning can be a catalyst for transforming science learning…

About The Author

Felicia Bell Heard

Felicia B. Heard is the founder of Be Heard Education. She believes that educators are “change agents” in their students’ lives. She agrees with the ideas of Ron Edmonds as he states, “All children can learn” and with Madeline Hunter saying, “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” She knows that developing relationships with students will make a difference. She has trained educators on getting to know their students, finding out how they learn best, and showing them different strategies for success. Students often come to school with so much “baggage” and “drama” they are not able to connect with teachers, peers, or administration. Teachers sometimes grow frustrated because they have added Rigorous Application to the content but still unable to reach students. Sometimes the subject matter in our classrooms can’t compete with the unfortunate circumstances they endure in their lives.


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A Strategic Approach To

Science Literacy

The author has written this book specifically to help school districts approach Science. The book is geared for teachers and school districts, and perfectly fits the modern study and approach to make teaching science fun and more interesting than ever before.


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A Strategic Approach To Science Literacy

Watch the official trailer of Felicia B. Heard’s new educational and motivational books for teachers called, A Strategic Approach To Science Literacy.


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